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LSI 400E Cutting Tool w/Power Unit

Portable Industrial Cutting Tools – Hand-held Hydraulic Shears with separate power units for cutting cable, auto parts recovery, demolition, general scrap cutting all day, everyday.
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Product Description

LSI 400E Series
Electric Push Button Activation

The LSI 400E is a Lightweight cutter with aluminium cylinder body for high cutting frequency and mobile application. The tool is hand operated: Simply press push buttons to open or to close the blades.
Highlights include: Long service life, Extremely long lasting control valve, regrindable blades, requires only a minimum of maintenance
Recommended application:
• Cutting work in an production line
• Recycling of cars
• Recycling of cables
Complete with 12″ hose pair, electric control cable. Opening and closing of the cutter blades is controlled by solenoid valves on the power unit. Those valves are switched by the operator via remote control buttons on the tool.
Recommended power unit: PO6-LSI 510
Accessories include: Steel transport cart, various blade options, spring loaded balancer, extension & connection hose, etc.