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LSI 200 Cutting Tool w/Power Unit

Portable Industrial Cutting Tools – Hand-held Hydraulic Shears with separate power units for cutting cable, auto parts recovery, demolition, general scrap cutting all day, everyday.
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Product Description

LSI 200 Series
Manual Star Grip Twist Valve

The LSI 200 is the ideal cutter for mobile application in scrap yards, construction sites sites or in buildings. Can also be used for cutting work under water.
Highlights include: Light weight, precise thumb operation in any working position through unique LUKAS Star grip valve, regrindable blades, can be optionally equipped with blades in different shapes, highly durable sliding plates, dirt protection.
Recommended application:
With straight blades or combi blades:
• Recycling of household goods
• Cutting of material on junk yards
• Cutting of flat material
With curved blades:
• Recycling of cars, Recycling of cables, dismantling or renovation work in buildings
Complete with 12″ hose pair
Recommended power unit: PO6-LSI-10-50
Accessories include: Steel transport cart, various blade options, gas & pneumatic power units, spring loaded balancer, extension & connection hose, etc.