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DTX 680

Light Duty Alligator Shear – 680mm Blades. Cut Cap. 30mm STEEL BAR.14-50 CUTS P/M
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Product Description

DTX 680: Light Duty Hydraulic alligator shearing machine
(suitable for light, non-ferrous materials)
Full specifications (See attached sheets).
Blade Length: 680mm blades. 4 sided reversible
Lower blade in adjustable knife seat
Adjustable mechanical hold down
Adjustable jaw opening
Supplied with guard over cutting head
Foot pedal control
Cutting Force in Throat: Approx. 50 tons
Cutting Capacity: 30mm mild steel rounds
Machine weight approx: 450kgs
Machine Foot print (mm): 1600 x 765 x 1420
Electrics: 4kW, 3 phase, voltage as per customer requirements
*specifications subject to change without notice*