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CANMAG H-MAG Portable Hydraulic Magnets

Cast Steel Shell with chains/connectors
Sizes from 700mm to 1300mm
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Product Description

Deltax offers the “Original” H-MAG. The H-MAG is a combination scrap handling magnet with power supply installed in a rugged case on the magnet. A suitable hydraulic circuit, in terms of flow and pressure (and return line) is connected to the magnet. Most often a bucket / hammer or auxiliary circuit is readily available on the boom or stick. No electric line goes to the magnet and there is no installation required in the machine. Breaking the hydraulic flow through the valve begins an automatic drop circuit through electronic circuitry located within the enclosure.

The advantage of the systems is that almost no installation is required on the machine, with no separate electric controls and switch-gear. The magnet with power unit can be very quickly disconnected freeing up the machine for other duty – and / or moved to another machine. A single system could then be quickly available for different users and sites within the company.

For companies with a fleet of machines, the hydraulic magnet offers a great deal of flexibility and efficiency. For example, companies in the rental industry, demolition and speciality contracting firms, transfer stations, railways and ports who may have a limited requirement for a magnet will find this new product ideal for their operations. Available sizes: 28″ (710mm), 36″ (915mm), 40″ (1000mm), 46″ (1190mm) & 52″ (1320mm) – Skid Loader magnet System Also Available c/w custom drop nose quick attach boom…
*Specifications subject to change without notice*