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Stregth, Reliability, Honesty.

With a depth of experience and qualified personnel, some of whom were responsible for the original design concepts in this field. The equipment is new, original, innovative, well proven and of the highest quality. With sales agents Worldwide, Deltax machinery can be found operating in every continent in a number of different industries. Most importantly, Deltax has a reputation for honesty, knowledge and fairness across a range of industries.

Computer Aided Design

At the design stage CAD techniques are used to ensure the accuracy, consistency and compatibility of product design. From the product design, individual component drawings are produced to form the basis of a machining program.


From the smallest component part to the largest finished machine, quality is maintained throughout. This ensures that when purchasing any one of our products, the highest level of engineering and design has gone into the production of the equipment.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

From the CAD stage a machining program is produced, this converts a graphical representation of a part of the machine into an analytical program that can be interpreted by the CNC machine tool. The machine tools are then set up to produce the component parts. Components are produced on a wide range of CNC machine tools including laser cutting, lathes, milling machines, etc.


With the production on CNC machines, the machine tools are set to repetitively produce to a very high quality. Components are then inspected to ensure a consistent, and quality assured part. Material quality is also ensured at the purchase stage.

Deltax Ltd. is dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sale of equipment and machinery involved in scrap recycling, demolition and construction industries.

Most component production is done in-house, using only quality materials and latest production techniques. These include computer aided design and manufacturing systems, and an ongoing policy to improve design and production to meet the changing needs of the industries we cater to.

All of this means the equipment has a great longevity of working life and when maintained, holds a high re-sale value.